Sound recording studios are the places where some of the immortal tunes of this planet are born. 

A solid foundation is key to successful singing. The Studio offers voice lessons, workshops and masterclasses for singers 

Editing can be an exacting process. A master class, workshops, and case studies enlighten the field of editing


A studio is an artist or worker's workroom. This can be for the purpose of acting, architecture, painting, pottery (ceramics), sculpture, origami, woodworking, scrapbooking, photography, graphic design, filmmaking, animation, industrial design, radio or television production broadcasting or the making of music.



Prasad Vj

We went to Chandigarh film studios in Mohali with family and friends. The view from this studio is very nice. We can see the fantastic environment from here. Proper maintenance and well  I feel this is one of the places one can visit..


Recently visited Chandigarh film studio. It is in a good location. We can have a good viewpoint here. In this studio, we can see movie sets like the police stations, Bangalow others too... A small pan shop is also there.

Suman M

This is a studio for shootings and short films, visit also for vacations. good locations food serves. It looks like a small planned city with all types of houses, a bungalow, small temple, and shops. The buildings are real and their interiors are made as per shooting requirement. 


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